How to Reduce Cellulite

cellulite reductionCellulite can be very frustrating to those who have been unfortunate enough to see it pop up on their

bodies. Many times a lot of effort goes into preventing cellulite from surfacing, but sometimes those

efforts are just not enough. If you are one of those people that have had cellulite come about, there

are solutions to your issue. Depending on which route you want to take, there are many natural ways

believed to reduce your cellulite. In addition to these, there are also much less conventional ways of

battling cellulite. Here we are going to discuss a few of these alternatives to figure out which, if any,

are right for you!


First we are going to look into the least invasive methods of trying to get rid of your cellulite. Bear with

me as this first segment may be fairly lengthy, but it also is the most natural, healthiest way how to reduce cellulite. These options should be tried before you look into more invasive, quick fixes.

Improve your overall fitness and diet levels!


reduce cellulite

This first option is more than likely the most beneficial for you in many ways. Not only should it help combat cellulite, but it will also help to

improve your overall quality of life as well. There are multiple ways that we can put this into action.

Incorporating a general stretching session into your daily regimen is a great place to start. If you have

a job where you spend most of your day stationary, you have heightened chances of getting cellulite.

However, if you are able to commit to stretching on a regular basis (once every couple of hours), this

will promote blood flow throughout your body. Getting your circulation in order can help reduce

cellulite buildup greatly.


Similarly, you can use a foam roller on your affected areas. Doing this will loosen up not only your

muscles, but also your fatty deposits! Doing this promotes even more positive blood flow and can help

decrease visibility of cellulite.


reducing celluliteIn addition to this, you should also increase your water intake. As you may have noted from other

articles, estrogen levels are a key contributor to cellulite production. However, the increased about of

water helps to balance estrogen levels and also helps your body to more efficiently burn fat. We know

water can be boring though, so feel free to mix in a lemon or lime wedge, something to get you over

the monotony of drinking water throughout the day.



You may want to alter your nutritional intake as well. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but eating

any number of bright fruits can help negate cellulite as well! Many fruits contain antioxidants which

help your body to run as it should. Different types of foods encourage many beneficial results such as

tissue damage prevention, prevention of inflammation in tissues as well as the improved production of



reduce cellulite with exerciseRegular exercise is also important. If you can burn fat and increase how tone your muscles are, you

will not only increase your general health (think heart health), but you will also decrease your cellulite

levels as well! You can choose any number of ways of exercising. For someone new to exercising you

can stick to something as small as minor cardiovascular activities such as riding a stationary bike or

using an elliptical. However, if you’re feeling like you want to make a more direct attack on cellulite,

you may want to look into very light weight lifting. As you tone your muscles and decrease fat content

you will notice less cellulite because your newly toned muscles will help keep your skin tight!


If you decide to incorporate physical activities into reducing cellulite, this next step may be of some

interest to you! There are health professionals that believe massages and other therapeutic remedies can


help with the reduction of cellulite. Though none of these remedies are proven, you’ll still get a relaxing

massage as a bi-product!


reducing cellulite with creams

Now that we have covered those all natural fixes, let’s delve a bit deeper in the potential remedies with

a foray into supplements and creams. It is important that we note that even though there are many

creams designed to reduce cellulite, there is little, if any, proof that these products actually work.

Introduce new creams, lotions, gels and supplements – Although these products have no empirical

evidence that they are effective, many people do report positive results with their use. Some companies

have even introduced a mixture of supplements and topical creams that they claim reduce cellulite in

just months. These products include essential fatty acids (which you can get from fish oil supplements)

along with cell energizers.


Some of these topical ointments claim to help increase the production of collagen, a natural substance

fundamental in connective tissue. None of these products are actually proven to do such, however

certain foods have been proven so I would suggest that you stick to eating right to help build up

collagen which will. In turn it will help reduce fatty matter from pushing up to the surface of your skin.

These products simply mask the issue at hand for most people, which is a surplus of fatty tissue that is

pushing up to the skin. No amount of creams, lotions, gels or supplements will solve that issue. While

this may be an option for those who have cellulite without the excess of fatty tissue, it should not be the

first option for many.


get rid of cellulite with liposuctionThe last option for many people is the most invasive and most expensive:

Laser Mesotherapy and Liposuction / Liposculpture – Laser mesotherapy consists of injections of

natural plant extracts, vitamins and pharmaceutical grade agents into the body. These agents claim to

help adipose tissue shrink and therefore reduce their appearance. Sounds too good to be true? Well it

just might be. This alternative requires upwards of 10 visits for injections and requires you to stay in

good shape. This should be one of the last resorts to reduce cellulite as everything you are getting from

this procedure could be obtained by balancing your diet and exercise regimen.


Finally, we come to liposuction and liposculpture. First of all, these procedures are dangerous as

carrying them out may result in damage to areas beneath the skin as well as scarring. Liposuction is the

removal of fatty cells close to the surface of the skin. However many health professionals have claimed

that liposuction is not a cure for cellulite and the better alternative is healthy eating and exercise. These

processes are considered plastic surgery, so one should definitely weight the benefits with the risks

before making the decision to go with this route.


It is important to keep in mind the life altering effects that one of these procedures gone wrong could

have. Though they seem appealing because they are a quick fix, there are definitely risks involved. If

reducing cellulite is what you want to do, this should be a last ditch effort for you, if even that!