How to Prevent Cellulite

preventing cellulite

If you are a female and haven’t noticed cellulite cropping up on your body yet, you should consider

yourself one of the lucky ones. Cellulite effects approximately 80% of postpubescent women and if

you’re not one of those, you may be wondering what you can do to keep yourself from becoming just

another number. Cellulite is a very tough topic for many women and it can also be as confusing as it is

tough. The suspected causes have changed many times over the years and you can find people claiming

to have all different sorts of remedies to help stop cellulite from effecting you, but no one has all the



cellulite prevention

Try out these magic pills …

What you will find is that people try to sell you what you want to hear. When it comes to cellulite,

there are no miracle cures, no solution that can be bought with any amount of money. If you want to

minimize or prevent cellulite from making an appearance on your body there are two important things

you need to focus on: a healthy diet and a good workout program.


Cellulite has a host of different aspects that can contribute to it coming about. It could be excess fat,

poor circulation, stress, pregnancy, hormones or any number of other things. One thing is for sure

though; the only thing that can prevent or negate the appearance of cellulite is hard work. It takes

dedication to put together a healthy diet and workout program and it takes much more dedication to

actually stick to that diet and workout program.


prevent cellulite

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If you take a look at the list of possible contributing factors above, you’ll notice a common denominator

with all of them. All of those factors could be negated with a good diet and workout program.

Excess fat contributes to cellulite because it pushes fat cells towards the skin, causing the dimpled

characteristics. A good diet will reduce the amount of fatty causing foods going into the body and a

good workout program will burn calories and stop excess fat from building up beneath your skin.

Poor circulation can be solved by a good exercise program. Not only will the inclusion of cardio

workouts get your blood flowing, but part of a good workout is a nice stretch. This can be at the gym,

or you can sacrifice a few minutes when you realize that you have been stationary for a while, but

working out will get your blood flowing just the way it should be.


Stress, which you may not have considered as a possible cause for cellulite, can definitely be helped by

working out. Stress causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol, which increases the amount

of insulin released in the body. This leads to increase in how much fat the body stores from the fuel it

takes in, as well as an increase in water retention. When you work out, your body decreases the amount

of cortisol released in the body, which decreases your chance of cellulite.


Pregnancy can sometimes be a cause for cellulite. In fact, it’s during pregnancy where a lot of women

who are thin actually begin to see cellulite coming forth. This is due to a couple of factors. First of all,

when a woman is pregnant, it can be essential that she puts on weight to support the child. However,

this weight can be put on so rapidly that the body isn’t quite ready for it. In addition, many times when

a women is pregnant, she starts to become more and more sedentary instead of keeping an active

lifestyle. Both of these factors combined mean that fat is being built up and stored very, very quickly.

As more fat is stored, more fat pushes outward against the skin and the more visible cellulite will

become. Eating a well balanced diet will allow for a pregnant woman to gain weight, but in a healthy,

controlled manner. Meanwhile, when someone is with child, it is important to remember that working

out is still always an option. Obviously you will gradually have to scale back your workouts the closer

that the baby comes to being delivered, but working out during your pregnancy could be the difference

between seeing cellulite or not after your child has come. If you eat healthy and workout during the

pregnancy, you will also bounce back faster and get back to the weight you want to be sooner too!

Hormones such as estrogen play a much bigger part in your body than just as reproductive hormones

and these too can be altered by the inclusion of exercise. Estrogen plays a large part in the regulation

of fat tissue around the trunk of a woman. If a woman produces high levels of estrogen, this increases

the amount of fat stored in areas near the female reproductive system. It also results in increased water

retention, causing cellulite to appear much more distinctly. However, working out can prevent this

from happening as there is a direct correlation in the relationship between working out and estrogen

levels. Research has found that as a women works out, not only does she burn fat and release water

being retained in the body, but the workout can also can help to decrease estrogen levels, reducing the

amount of fat stored in your cellulite problem areas.


how to prevent celluliteFinally, a precaution you can take against cellulite is taking care of your skin. It is so important to

preemptively take care of your skin so that you are not caught playing catch up. Many professionals

believe that once you have cellulite you cannot get rid of it, but instead have to try to minimize its

appearance. This is why it is best to try to keep your skin as healthy as you can before you run into any

problems. A regular application of moisturizer can go a long way in keeping your skin from getting

worn down and susceptible to cellulite.


These solutions seem simple. Start a healthy diet, consistent workout plan and take care of your skin.

These three things almost seem too simple to be preventative measures against cellulite, especially

when there are products out there that are made specifically for anti-cellulite reasons. Why do those

products exist when the solution is so readily available? Creams, surgeries and laser treatments cater

to the people who don’t want to put in the hard work to keep cellulite at bay and are instead looking

for the easy way out. However, the joke is on them because according to many doctors and plastic

surgeons, the only way to beat cellulite is with diet and exercise.