Over the Counter Cellulite Creams

Cellulite CreamTopical creams, lotions and ointments exist for just about everything you can think of. There is something for scratches, burns, acne, wrinkles, eczema and now there are creams for the minimization of cellulite. Some of these creams promise results in mere days, some even promise results in minutes.

If you have looked into the use of creams for cellulite, you have read it before… “Reduce your cellulite x% in 10 minutes!” Is this a claim that these companies can back up or is it just another attention getting device to try to get you to spend your money on a product that won’t meet those expectations?

Do they even work at all?

Lotions and creams can legitimately help your skin; I make no qualms about that. If you ask people with the skin you long for what they have done to get it, there is a very good chance that they will tell you they regularly used lotions and moisturizers to keep their skin healthy. We know that many topical substances can keep skin healthy, can reduce wrinkles and scarring, etc. but many companies want you to believe the benefits of their products extend to cellulite as well.

Skin is a very delicate subject to many people; it’s the first thing you see when you look at someone. Upon meeting them, people see your face. When shaking your hand others can feel if your skin is dried out and, most importantly to some people, at the beach or wearing clothing that can reveal your problems areas, people can see if you have cellulite. Therefore, it is no surprise that companies play to the emotions of their customers by proposing that their products can work for you, and work quickly.

Anti-wrinkle and acne lotions and creams work, however, I have yet to see one topical agent that works miracles. It takes time to recondition your skin to defeat whatever it is you’re facing. As we grow older, our skin does the same and it begins to retain moisture less and less. Healthy skin is moisturized skin and the longer it is not taken care of, the longer it takes to fix.

Think of your skin in terms of a house, one that has been neglected and ravaged by the elements. If you are not taking proper care of your skin throughout the years, this is exactly the battle your it is facing. The foundation is crumbling and to get your skin, your house, back into good condition it takes work and, most importantly, it takes time. Just like there is no tool, no person that can repair a house in minutes, there is nothing that can repair your skin by just one application. It doesn’t matter what the lotion is, what ingredients it has inside, it will not be possible. Maybe one day there will be a miracle invention, something that can do this and get rid of cellulite, but right now that day is not here.

Creams and lotions can’t cure your cellulite in minutes, hours or even days, but the question still remains – can it take away your cellulite at all?

Cellulite creams claim to do many things, one of is which is to melt away fat. Let’s take a look at this.

Unless we are talking about a procedure such as liposuction, fat cannot simply be melted away. Fat is stored deep beneath your skin and there are many layers of skin that cover it. To create a product that could “melt” away the fat cells stored beneath your skin would also create a product that would essentially burn away your skin because of the strength that would be required. Liposuction gets around this by being an invasive procedure in which a cannula, a tube of some sorts, is inserted through the skin and directly impacts the fat, breaking it up. Creams do not have the luxury of doing this however as it is a superficial treatment.

In addition to this, if fat were able to just be melted away with a topical treatment, where would it go? In liposuction there is a vacuum or syringe that accompanies the cannula, which removes the fat once it has been broken up. With topical treatments, this is the not the case. If it were possible for these treatments to melt the fat away, it would simply be reabsorbed by surrounding fat cells and no difference would be made. The notion that creams and lotions could melt away fat is far from true. The best way to “melt away fat” is to change your diet to reduce fat and start on a healthy exercise program to burn up those fat cells the old-fashioned way.

These products also claim to be able to stimulate cell circulation and remove harmful toxins but never specify exactly how they are doing so. It stimulates cell circulation? What kind of cells are being stimulated and what does this mean in regards to the reduction of cellulite? What are the toxins that they are removing? What toxins do women have that men don’t have, resulting in men not getting cellulite nearly as often as women do?

There are so many questions and so few answers and there is a reason for this. It may be of some interest or intrigue to know that these products face no type of certification at all to prove that they claim what they are doing. That may be why what they say they are doing can be very vague. This excerpt is taken directly from the website of the FDA:

If you wanted to, at this instant you could make your own homemade concoction and label it “Joe Schmoe’s Anti-Cellulite Cream” and claim that it will make cellulite disappear in seconds. There is no barrier facing you from doing so and companies know this. They sell to the demographic of people who want a solution because:

1. They can.

2. The condition of their consumers skin effects them in more ways than just their physical appearance, but also emotionally, even psychologically.

This fact remains: there has never been a cream or a lotion that proves that it can take away cellulite. If you want to look for studies, be my guest. You won’t find a single one that can prove with repetition that one of the products works. Maybe they do work, but then again, maybe they don’t. If you are desperately searching for a solution, you can try them out for yourself and see if you can find a difference – just know that you may be handing over your money to get a product that is doing nothing for you.