A Look at Natural Remedies for Cellulite

If you’re the type who’s constantly worried about how you look because of unsightly cellulite, then you’re far from alone. Cellulite is actually a very common condition, as it affects up to 90% of women. Its appearance doesn’t have anything to do with being overweight either. Although cellulite can and does become more severe in overweight or obese people, it’s important to understand that it affects thin people as well.

The reason for this is that the determining factor as far as whether or not a given individual will be prone to cellulite is actually genetic. Not only are women many times more likely than men to get it, but it’s more likely to affect people of certain ages and ethnic backgrounds as well. Anyone with delicate, thin, or sensitive skin is more prone to developing it as well. This is because cellulite reflects an issue with skin structure, as opposed to a weight issue.

However, it’s important to realize that cellulite isn’t something you necessarily have to take lying down. There are plenty of strategies, methods, treatments and natural remedies for cellulite.

The Importance of Choosing Natural Solutions

Natural Remedies for Cellulite

Natures answers to cellulite

If you’ve spent much time looking into various treatments for cellulite, then you already know that a lot of the most popular options out there aren’t particularly good for you. Many of the cellulite creams out there on the market contain lab-created chemicals with unpronounceable names. Then there are invasive plastic surgery procedures like liposuction and fat-dissolving injections that literally melt your cellulite away. To be sure, many of these treatments are effective, but why resort to measures like those when you can take care of your cellulite the natural way?

The fact of the matter is some of the most effective ways to manage cellulite and minimize its appearance involve treatments that can be done at home and utilizing only safe, all-natural products, tools, and procedures. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular.

Body Brushing

natural cellulite treatmentDid you know that you can help keep cellulite development and the unsightly lumps and bumps it causes to a minimum with body brushing? Body brushing involves using a natural bristle body brush on a daily basis to stimulate and invigorate the skin. The fact of the matter is, one of the key causes of cellulite development is actually poor circulation. Poor circulation leads to weak skin structure and a slow build-up of toxic elements in the skin over time. Cellulite can eventually appear as a result.

Body brushing helps to stimulate the skin and wake up the circulatory system. It also stimulates the skin’s natural lymphatic structure, prompting it to remove toxins from the area. Always brush the skin using firm, long strokes upward and inward toward the heart. This helps the lymph system to remove toxins more efficiently. Body brushing can either be done at home or alternatively you can have it done at your local spa. Check out our guide on it here!

Body Scrubs

Another popular cellulite solution is the body scrub. Body scrubs involve massaging an emollient-rich solution of oil, vitamins, and an all-natural exfoliating agent into the affected skin. The exfoliating agent in body scrubs specifically geared toward cellulite treatment is usually coffee. However, some alternatives may use rock salt or ground nutshells instead.

Coffee contains caffeine and other natural compounds that help plump up the skin’s surface, minimizing the appearance of cellulite in the process. The act of massaging the ground coffee into the skin also invigorates the system, prompting the body to get to work removing toxins and improving circulation to the affected area.

Last but not least, body scrubs help to improve the strength and overall condition of the affected skin so that its underlying structure can be made as strong as possible. Stronger, healthier skin is much less prone to cellulite. As with body brushing, you can buy everything you need at modern retail outlets and perform the scrubs yourself at home. However, as these are popular treatments, you can certainly have them done at spas and wellness centers as well. We have an awesome recipe for a coffee scrub, check it out here!

Invigorating Massage

natural cellulite remedies

Legs and thighs please… 🙂

Another very effective player in the fight against cellulite is good, old-fashioned massage. Massage has two very distinct beneficial effects on the appearance of cellulite. To begin with, massage has been prized as a way to invigorate and improve the system in many ways for literally thousands of years. It helps to drastically improve circulation, encourage the body to release toxins, promote whole body healing, and lower stress levels. All of these benefits can and will help your body fight cellulite.

Also, massage helps to physically break down the structure of cellulite when applied directly to the area. Over time, the body may redistribute some of the fat as a result and you’ll enjoy less cellulite and a smoother look to your skin overall. Depending on where your cellulite is located, you may be able to learn how to perform cellulite treatment massages on yourself. However, most people prefer visiting a licensed massage therapist (or having one come to their home). Want to go the extra mile? We have anti cellulite massage oil recipes here.

Support Treatments With a Healthy Lifestyle

As we mentioned, cellulite is not a problem that is exclusive to overweight or unhealthy people. However, a healthy diet and regular exercise have certainly been shown to have a positive effect on cellulite and can help the effectiveness of other treatments. Start by removing toxic, unhealthy foods from your diet such as foods high in saturated fat – bacon, red meat, butter, and lard to name just a few of the worst offenders. Processed foods, junk food, and alcohol should all be reduced or eliminated as well. Replace these things with wholesome foods like fresh produce, whole grains, lean proteins, and plenty of water. Your skin will thank you for it.

This would also be a good idea to get up and get active. After all, most of us could use more exercise. Combine aerobic activities like walking, running, or swimming with anaerobic exercises that help build muscle and tone areas that are prone to cellulite. Weight lifting is a great option, as are squats, sit-ups, and lunges. You’re sure to start seeing a positive difference in no time flat!

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