Welcome to Lets Talk Cellulite! After battling cellulite for years, I’ve decided to share what has and hasn’t worked for me. If I could wish for one thing for this blog, it would be to help you get on the path to a cellulite-free life. You’re probably wondering, “Who is this chick and why should I listen to her?” If that’s the case, please read more about me.

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Causes Of Cellulite

Find out where that annoying cellulite comes from. Typically cellulite results from diet, exercise, or other genetic reasons, but there are also some weird causes that will definitely surprise you. Are you pregnant or planning? Live a high stress life-style? Start here!

Cellulite And Exercise – Is there a direct connection between exercise and cellulite? Find out in this informative article that goes deep into the depths of how you might be able to defeat cellulite without any complex or expensive remedies. If your looking to trim down or tone up your legs and thighs – or just get in better shape while reducing cellulite, this is a great place to start!

Natural Treatments – Do you strive to live a “green” lifestyle? Not interested in using ingredients that you can’t pronounce?  Then this is the section for you – learn some natural effective treatments to safely treat your cellulite… without compromising your health by utilizing lab-created products with scary sounding ingredients.

Medical Treatments – Are none of the natural treatments working out for you? Looking for something a little more aggressive? Do you have a serious genetic cellulite issue? Then medical treatment might be your only option – and you’ll be surprised at how many options are out there, we’ll cover them all in this section.

Cellulite Creams – Do you want to know whether or not over the counter cellulite creams are actually effective? Well, check out exactly how we feel about these products… you will be surprised to see the amount of information we found, and our reader shared experiences!

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