What Are the Best Ways to Hide Cellulite?

If you’re like many people – especially if you’re also female – then you know what it’s like to struggle with cellulite. Although body fat of any kind can be a real bear to get on top of, cellulite represents a special sort of issue. Unlike muffin tops, saddle bags, and other unsightly body features associated with body fat deposits, cellulite isn’t something exclusive to overweight or out of shape people. Cellulite can actually affect anyone of any size, even people that are very thin or in relatively good shape.

This is because the primary factor that determines whether or not you’ll ever have to deal with cellulite is genetics. Your gender, your ethnic background, the natural thickness of your skin, and many other genetic variables can all mean the difference between having that perfect bathing suit body you crave and having to worry about people noticing your lumpy, dimply cellulite.

However, it’s important to realize that having cellulite doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You may not be able to do anything about it if you’re prone to cellulite, but you can certainly learn how to successfully hide cellulite or minimize its appearance. Let’s take a closer look at how.

Make some lifestyle changes.

As touched on above, having cellulite doesn’t always mean that you’re out of shape or overweight. However, since cellulite does involve body fat deposits, it’s important to note that you can probably at least minimize its severity by making a few simple lifestyle changes that most of us could stand to be making anyway.

A good place to start would be with your diet. Minimize the amount of saturated fat you take in via animal products like butter or red meat, opting instead for foods high in “good fats” instead, especially essential fatty acids like the ones found in fish, seafood, nuts, and seeds. You’ll also want to cut out junk food, processed foods, and alcohol to the greatest extent possible. All of these items contain harmful chemicals that encourage your body to turn the calories you get from them into fat instead of converting them to energy.

Next, you’ll want to get more active. The more muscle you build and the more toned you can make your body overall, the less obvious any cellulite you do have will be. For best results, combine regular aerobic exercise like walking, biking, or jogging with strength or resistance training to help encourage muscle building. Adding squats, lunges, sit-ups, and other exercises that help tone areas commonly prone to cellulite is also a good idea.

Learn how to dress to hide cellulite.

When you’re dealing with cellulite, one of the most important lessons you can ever learn is how to dress accordingly. Contrary to popular belief, someone who is prone to cellulite development doesn’t need to cover up from head to toe. They simply need to learn how to dress strategically. Start by taking the following tips into consideration.

Avoid tight clothing.

Wearing tight, form-fitting, or stretchy clothing can actually put cellulite on display instead of hide it. Choose loose pants, relaxed fit jeans, and flowing skirts to help slim your body and disguise cellulite. If the weather is warm, choose a calf length skirt or Capri pants instead of the short shorts and mini-skirts others might be wearing. You’ll still beat the heat, but in a way that doesn’t showcase your cellulite.

Choose swimwear strategically.

If you are prone to cellulite, then the chances are excellent that it’s the most severe in your buttock, hip, and thigh area – exactly the areas that are on display in your typical swimsuit. Many people with cellulite tend to stay out of swimwear altogether, but really all they need to do is learn how to make better choices. Choose swimsuits that feature boy-cut short bottoms or that feature attached skirts. When you’re not actually in the water, cover up with a wrap-around sarong to help disguise the rest of your cellulite.

Embrace shawls and wraps.

If you have cellulite on your arms or upper body, try wearing a shawl or light cardigan over dresses with spaghetti straps, tank tops, or baby doll tees. You’ll cover your cellulite while adding flare and color to your ensemble.

Turn to cosmetic solutions.

Many people also find some of the cosmetic solutions to cellulite to be helpful when it comes to minimizing its appearance. Probably the most affordable of these are going to be the cellulite creams that are available on the market today. Cellulite creams won’t “cure” your cellulite or pose a permanent solution. However, active ingredients such as retinol or caffeine can help to smooth out the appearance of your skin by plumping it up enough to make the trademark lumps and bumps less noticeable. For this reason, many people find them helpful when they want to look their best for photos, special occasions, and so forth.

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys spending time at the spa, then you may want to ask your friendly neighborhood spa technician about treatments for cellulite as well. Many spas offer body wraps, collagen buffs, and salt scrubs, all of which can help to nourish skin, promote skin strength, and make cellulite less noticeable overall. Plus, they represent a relaxing, enjoyable, and still affordable way to spend an afternoon.

Last but definitely not least, you can speak with a plastic surgeon about more drastic solutions for disguising cellulite. Many plastic surgery clinics offer heat treatments and even medical level massages that can help manage cellulite and hide its appearance. Injections that help to dissolve and redistribute involved body fat and localized liposuction are also options that many people eventually consider when and if they decide their cellulite bothers them enough to make more of an investment in a solution.

At the end of the day, cellulite is far from the end of the world. Hiding it or minimizing its appearance can literally be as simple as changing the way you dress. Try it today!