Best Cellulite Treatment Clinics in Dallas, Texas and What They Have to Offer

The battle with cellulite is a constant struggle and can be quite overwhelming at times. Some women find natural treatments effective, while others try countless lotions, exercise, you name it, and don’t see results. This is when cosmetic cellulite treatments start looking like a good alternative. Some women shy away from cosmetic alternatives because of the price tag associated with cosmetic procedures or they’re afraid of going under the knife, however there are cost effective and non invasive procedures that you shouldn’t pass up. If you’re looking for cellulite treatment in Dallas, TX you’ve come to the right place.

Top 5 Cellulite Treatment Clinics in Dallas, Texas

Picking the best place to get your cellulite treated can be a job on it’s own. We want to make your job easier by listing the best clinics in Dallas that will take the cellulite on your legs, arms, abdomen, and bum and eradicate it. We’ve done the research for you and listed the top 5 cellulite treatment clinics Dallas has to offer. Note: These are not ranked in any specific order, but they made it to our Top 5 out of 30+ clinics that offer various cellulite treatments.

#1 – North Dallas Dermatology

If you’re serious about getting rid of your cellulite, you may want to take a look at what North Dallas Dermatology has to offer. From our extensive research they have received great reviews from their clients. With a 4.5 on Yelp and a 4.7 rating on FaceBook, I think they are worth taking a look at.

Here’s a review from a client:

North Dallas Dermatology Review

They provide a cellulite and body contouring treatment using a technology called Apollo TriPollar. It’s FDA approved and non-invasive. This might be a good choice for you if you shy away from more invasive treatment options.

Here’s a review for Apolo Tripollar from a satified client (please note: this review is for the specific treatment, not from NDD):

Reduce cellulite in Dallas Texas with Apollo Tripollar

#2 – Dr. Fred Lester

Dr. Fred LesterDr. Fred Lester is a board certified plastic surgeon who offers cosmetic enhancements and surgical procedures designed to preserve and maintain your natural beauty. While he’s known for more invasive procedures like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, he also performs Cellulaze for patients looking to reduce cellulite.

He’s highly reviewed at multiple review websites, so there’s no denying his expertise in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Lester boasts a perfect 5 star rating at and 4.7 on FaceBook and

Here are a couple great reviews:

Cellulaze Review for Dr. Fred Lester

#3 – Plastic Surgery of Texas (Dr. Ben J. Tittle)

Ben Tittle Plastic SurgeonLet’s meet the doctor:

Dr. Ben J. Tittle is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and has been practicing Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery since 1989. His main goal is to help restore patients’ youthful and rejuvenated appearance while delivering the highest quality patient care.

If you’re considering a more invasive approach for cellulite reduction, Dr. Tittle also performs Cellulaze, which is the only cellulite treatment that attacks the cellulite structure under the skin. It’s clinically proven and 93% of Cellulaze patients were satisfied with their results and would recommend it to a friend.

Plastic Surgery of Texas has a great track record with a perfect 5 star rating across the board:

Dr. Ben J. Tittle - Cellulite Reduction

#4 – Innovations Medical (Dr. Bill Johnson)

Dr. Bill Johnson - Cellulite Reduction SurgeonDr. Bill Johnson has appeared on numerous news outlets to share his expertise and knowledge on advanced cosmetic procedures; including The Doctors, CNN, Good Morning Texas, and ABC News. He also has a stellar rating of 4.7 on Google reviews.

At Innovation Medical they provide a vast number of services including liposuction, body shaping, anti-aging, and cellulite reduction.

After evaluating you cellulite condition, Dr. Johnson will determine the best place to start your cellulite treatment. The first step in treatment is usually performed with a special tool called SmoothShapes which combines vacuum/massage, light, and laser techonologies, or Thermage, which uses radio-frequency energy to create new collagen that tightens and smooth the skin.

If you’re cellulite condition is more advanced, you may consider other treatments offered at Innovations Medical including smartlipo or fat transfer.

Here are some glowing testimonials:

Innovations Medical Thermage Cellulite Reduction Reviews

# 5 – Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute (Dr. Bradley Hubbard)

Dr Hubbard ReviewsBoard cerftified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bradley Hubbard, specializes in breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and mommy makeovers, but also performs a cellulite reduction treatment called Cellfina. This cellulite treatment is the only FDA approved minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to eliminate cellulite for at least a year, resulting in smooth and healthy skin.

Patients that used the Cellfina System to help their cellulite reduction can expect to see results within 3 days.


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