Does Cellulite Foam Roller Massage Work?

Foam rollers have become an integral part of any workout routine. With exercises specifically made for them, foam rollers are almost a given in any gym. There are proven advantages to adding foam rollers to your daily fitness routine, but did you know that certain exercises on foam rollers can also help get rid of cellulite?

Foam rollers are thick tubes of foam used for a variety of different exercises. Using foam roller exercises on different parts of the body can help reduce the signs of cellulite in that area. The foam roller massage helps to break up fat fibers that are interwoven under the skin. This helps the flow of blood carrying nutrients to these areas of the body, which in turn reduces the look of cellulite. Connective tissues and circulation are also helped by these exercises, and both promote diminishing effects on cellulite.

foam roller massage for cellulite

Massages from foam rollers directly target the fascia in a person’s body. Fascia is a soft tissue that covers the body’s muscles and connective tissue. This is where cellulite mostly lies. The fascia is prone to overuse, which is where a foam roller comes into play. The use of the foam roller creates a smooth, gentle massage, which helps to aid with the stretch and release of the fascia. In turn, skin looks tighter, smoother and more toned.

Here are a few simple foam roller massage exercises you can do at home to help alleviate the signs of cellulite:

Outer Thighs — With your foam roller on the ground, lie on top of it sideways (with your chest and groin facing the wall as opposed to facing the ceiling or floor).  While balancing yourself on the foam roller, use your arms and upper body strength to roll your outer thighs along the foam roller.  This exercise targets the IT, which is the muscle that runs from your knee to your hip. If you experience any pain or tension as you roll, stop and massage the muscles where you are experiencing the discomfort. This is natural when you first begin a foam roller massage regiment on your outer thigh muscles. When first attempting to roll these outer thigh muscles out, prepare for it to be difficult or even slightly painful. It will get easier with each session

Hamstring Area — This roll is the most difficult to master. It isn’t too tricky, but it takes a little patience and balance to understand it and do it correctly. Be prepared not to master it on your first try! Place your foam roller on the floor and lie on top of it with the roller at your calves. Place your hands behind you and balance yourself on them as though you were sitting (without a seat, of course). Gently roll yourself up and down the roller. This massage will help to alleviate signs of cellulite in the hamstring area. During this exercise you should try to avoid rolling the areas behind your knees, as these are very sensitive.

cellulite foam roller massageFront Thighs — This is the most used and simplest form of foam roller massage for the reduction of signs of cellulite. Place your roller on the floor and lie on top of it face down, with the roller underneath your front thighs. Put yourself into a basic push-up position by putting your arms and hands under your upper body. Move back and froth from your knee to your upper front thigh. At first, you may want to put your feet on the floor and help move yourself in that fashion. Eventually, you will be able to just use your hands and arms, which is a more effective use of this foam roller massage technique.


The foam roller massage rolls out and flattens your areas of cellulite. This is not a cure, but a short-term solution. Twenty minutes a day of foam roller massages is enough time to help make your signs of cellulite disappear. The most important key to these exercises is to do them regularly. Keep at it and make them a part of your daily routine!

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