3 Best Clinics That Provide Coolsculpting Seattle Has To Offer

More and more people are now discovering the benefits of Coolsculpting. Seattle medical spas and clinics offer this non-invasive technology that help enhance your body’s shape in a painless way. So, if you’re curious about this technique and what it can do to you, read along to find out more about it.

Looking for Coolsculpting Seattle Style?

Several people suffer from low self-esteem and confidence issues because of their body. They feel insecure because of bulges and wrinkles on certain body parts such as their buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and arms. So, instead of embracing their physique, they go through all sorts of trouble just to find the perfect solution to sculpting their body.

This is why Coolsculpting may be worth exploring further, since it’s non-invasive and effective in reducing fat and bulges on your body. Since it doesn’t involve surgery, there’s no need for a long downtime to recover. In fact, immediately after the procedure, you can continue with your regular activities – and you don’t even have to take medications to recover.

Here in the Emerald City, there are dozens of options available for clinics that offer the Coolsculpting technology. However, it’s important to have a consultation first with your doctor to be sure that you’re the right candidate for this procedure.

During your first visit, your doctor will give you more details about Coolsculpting and the kind of results you can get from it. The consultation is followed by an examination of your adipose tissue since it can determine whether this technique is suitable for your condition or not. Ideally, this technology requires the “right kind” of fat tissue, which must be subcutaneous. This means that the fat deposits are just between your skin and the muscle. If you can pinch or squish the fat, then you’re all good to get Coolsculpting done.

On the other hand, Coolsculpting is not advisable to those who have visceral fat. This is the type of fat that forms around your internal organs such as the abdomen. Since it’s impossible to pinch the fat, you can’t get the results you want after undergoing the procedure. So, a consultation is always necessary before the actual process to make sure you’ll find a noticeable improvement to your body.

Best Coolsculpting Doctors in Seattle

In Seattle, you can come across a few clinics with doctors who specialize in Coolsculpting. Among these are the following.

1. Seattle Aesthetics

The spa specializes in Coolsculpting, which makes it a dependable place to undergo this procedure. In fact, there are no other procedures performed here except for Coolsculpting, which means all the doctors are highly experienced and well-trained to deliver the finest results their patients want. As for the overall ambiance of the spa, it’s cozy and relaxing. The treatment rooms are also comfortable, with an Apple TV and wifi access to keep you entertained throughout the procedure. There are even snacks and drinks offered for your total satisfaction. To set an appointment, just call their phone numbers at (206) 472-1191 or supply the required details on the Contact Us form found on their website.

2. Seattle Executive Spa

A med spa in downtown Seattle that focuses on rejuvenation and body enhancement, the Seattle Executive Spa is a place to be for all your skin improvement needs. The spa provides a wide selection of services including injectables, skin tightening, massage, Coolsculpting, hair removal, and Ultherapy, to name a few. Just drop by or give them a call at (206) 708-1795 for your inquiries or for a consultation schedule.

3. Nacify Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center

The Nacify Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center is the place to be when you want to improve your appearance through the expertise of medical professionals you can trust. The moment you step into this facility, you will notice the spa-like feel of the Center with its high-end equipment, impeccable health care, and a customized plan provided to their patients. Most importantly, their doctors have more than 70 years of professional experience in both non-surgical and surgical treatments. Thus, you can count on them for quality outcomes worth your time and money. Just contact them online to find out more about their services and rates.

Coolsculpting Cost in Seattle

There are different rates for Coolsculpting here in the Emerald City. Depending on your surgeon, area to be treated, and the clinic where you will get the procedure done, the price may range from $900 to $3,200. However, you can expect to pay an average of about $1,900 to under $2,300. You may also inquire from the clinic or spa to know about their financing options.

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