CoolSculpting San Antonio: Top 3 CoolSculpting Specialists

If you want to have a sleek, love handle-free, and gorgeous body, then it’s time to check out the best clinic and spa specializing in Coolsculpting San Antonio residents can trust. Here, we feature interesting facts about this technique, as well as some highly recommended facilities offering this body enhancement service.

Looking for Coolsculpting in San Antonio?

Feeling a little stuck with squishy bulges in some body areas? We’re talking about those doughy formations in your thighs, belly, arms, and buttocks, which just ruin your fashion goals completely. If you’ve exhausted your body way too much from working out HOURS each week, yet the flab remains, it’s time to choose a trusted and proven technique to get the kind of body you’ve always wanted.

Coolsculpting is an effective non-surgical treatment that can give you a stunning-looking body over time. It’s a body contouring method that freezes and gets rid of stubborn fat in certain areas of the body. Common areas that respond well to this technique include the abdominal region, inner thigh, buttocks, bra area, and arms. If it seems that no amount of sweating or strict dieting can eliminate fatty areas in your body, then Coolsculpting may be the best solution for you.

Although you’re not likely to find noticeable results immediately after the procedure, the effects are on-going – even about 2 to 4 months post-treatment. This makes it impressive since your body continues to reshape over time. Through cryolipolysis, which helps freeze and suck the fat away from your problem areas, you can begin admiring a sleeker body that boosts your confidence.

There are no cuts, needles, or incisions necessary with Coolsculpting. This is why you can return to your usual routine after the treatment process. Another great thing about the nature of this procedure is the quick recovery period. In fact, you don’t have to take medicines or wear a piece of clothing to protect your body from side effects. In about an hour or less, the entire procedure is over – no pain, no bleeding, and no adverse impact on your body.

However, before you head out to a med spa or clinic here in the Alamo City for Coolsculpting, you should remember some basic details about it. Keep in mind that it’s not a weight-loss method, so you can’t expect to shrink your body down if you are obese. Instead, it works for those who are near their ideal weight, yet they want to give their physique a slimmer contour. It’s also the solution for eliminating areas with stubborn fat that never seems to go away even after exercising regularly.

With Coolsculpting, you can achieve a more desirable body as time passes by. Since it’s painless and without any downtime involved, many people are considering this technique to reach their beauty goals.

Best Coolsculpting Doctors in San Antonio

Here are among the top Coolsculpting specialists in San Antonio that are worth visiting for your needs.

1. San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery

Servicing individuals within and around the lovely San Antonio, this medical practice remains committed to providing their patients with the highest level of skin care. They perform Coolsculpting, as well as invasive procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and tummy tucks. You may call their office phone numbers at 210-614-4320 to inquire or to request a consultation.

2. Lopez Plastic Surgery

If you’re tired of dealing with your muffin top, love handles, and bulges, then the Lopez Plastic Surgery provides you with an effective (and painless!) answer to your prayers. Coolsculpting experts at the clinic can give you a proportionate body without nasty fatty areas. You may visit their 6 area locations including New Braunfels, Alamo Heights, and Boerne, as well as 3 branches in Stone Oak. Also, feel free to give them a call at 210-495-5771 for your questions or consultation schedule.

3. Edan’s Med Spa

A certified and trustworthy Coolsculpting facility in San Antonio, Edan’s Med Spa can help you achieve your desired body without cuts and needles. There are also other body enhancement procedures offered here such as breast lift, Botox, and face lift, to name a few. Fill in the contact form online or contact them via phone at 210-348-8089 to get started.

Cost of Coolsculpting in San Antonio

The Alamo City offers a wide range of prices for Coolsculpting, as well as financing options to meet your budget. The cost ranges between $1,000 and $4,100, but the median rate is about $2,500. Inquire from your choice of clinic to learn more about the price offered.

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